Tuesday, April 15, 2008

THE NEW GRAND TOUR: An Episodic Exhibition & Documentary Art Project

The New Grand Tour is an episodic art project featuring revolving guest artists with hyphenated cultural and geographical backgrounds. The artists and documentary crew travel together to different parts of the globe and express through art exhibitions the subject matter of the towns and cultures they visit.

The goal of The New Grand Tour in the early 21st Century is to bring together the diversified voices of artists and communities from around the world by bridging cultural divides through art and the moving image as the common grounds for communication, education, discovery, exchange, philanthropy and collaboration.

Our mission is to redefine, revive, change and reinvent the old concept of "The Grand Tour" to be more than just an 18th and 19th century privileged trip for the elite. We seek to interact with foreign cultures in an appreciative and organic way rather than as touring voyeurs.

The New Grand Tour Group was founded by Rey Parlá, José Parlá, Suitman, Julia F. Kwan and Mark Foster.

Beijing Security for Opening Night

Jose Parla's Shangri-La inspired watercolors

Davi Russo's photo wall

The New Grand Tour Crew & Tan Dynasty Brother and HK Mayor Fed T.

Brothers in Arms: HK Mayor Fed & Film Director Alexi Tan

DJ Rage Johnson of the InkHeads & Agent Intellect coordinating the show's after party across the street.

Beijing beauty...

Peking city lights

Jose Parla absorbing the scenery for new works

Rage Johnson + King of The New Grand Tour after party...

Jane, Grace and Li-Ting start to kidnap the DJ

Photography by Davi Russo
Design by Chris Rubino

To read more of The New Grand Tour Story visit [ reyparla ]

Click here to see the video trailer of The New Grand Tour Documentary Work-In-Progress.

Location and Event Date Info:

Suitman / José Parlá / Rostarr / Deanne Cheuk / Davi Russo

Wednesday, April 30, 2008
8:00 to 11:00PM

2 Jiuxianqiao Rd
Dashanzi Art District, Chaoyang District,
Beijing, China


Special Thanks to Fed Tan and his amazing Diesel Teams in Hong Kong & Beijing for making this event possible. With their generosity, patience and open understanding the artists and producers have been able to create this unique exhibition and documentary project.