Monday, November 12, 2007


Presents internationally renowned artists from New York:

Suitman, José Parlá, Rostarr and Deanne Cheuk.

Group mug shot at the Shanghai airport....


We have our own New Grand Tour now
Our elsewhere community of know-how

An awakening through what we know
As tourists we gather seeds but also sow

An unknown path of what we have yet to learn
Always not with enough time to burn

In an endless journey to nowhere
Maybe leading somewhere
And exiled elsewhere

Where every place is home
There we find a piece of Rome
For in all roads we roam

Like Nabokov in the Montreux Palace Hotel

We don't like to say farewell
And can't ever foretell
The future in a nutshell

The era of Pantheons and Tetrarchies is gone
Yet the Phoenix rises once again like a true icon

Personalities in search of identity
Living life on the hyphen

Down unknown cordilleras and
multiple Cities of Light.

A renovated Silk-Road en route to finding out
who we are, devouring life to change us
into someone else; the inevitable cycle of
flux; the interconnectedness of human culture;
to encounter organic rhythms of deeper self.

The harvest is a quiet storm; an all seeing eye
of random truth up high in the sky.

Gradually we evolve as a global civilization
Our only center being this pale blue dot in an
Infinite Celestial Kingdom of space and time.

For the New Grand Tour is our creation and our right.

The tour cannot be found through the world wide tourists' guide, but only in the worlds we arrive to reside.

~ A poetic manifesto by Rey Parlá © 2007 ~

D.A. van Belzen "Daisy" as "Suitwoman."

Inspired by a sense of adventure and journey, the quartet embarked on a ten day trip in China called “The New Grand Tour.”

Taking off from Shanghai, they headed to Yunnan Province, where they visited Kunming, Lijiang, Shangri-La county and the Mei Li snow mountains.

Searching for new experiences and cultural exchanges, highlights of the tour include: meeting the Chief Lama of the Eastern Bamboo Forest monastery, who is campaigning to preserve the traditional Tibetan art of Tong Ka; art-exchange sessions with local Chinese artists; as well as visiting school children in rural towns.

“The New Grand Tour” makes a stop in Hong Kong with an exhibition that launches on November 2 (Opening Event) and the presentation of The New Grand Tour sneak preview documentary series along with other films/videos by the artists.

The four artists share their experiences from the China trip with an exhibition of art, sketches, video and photography.

Also on show will be their renowned personal art pieces, exhibited and for sale in Hong Kong for the first time.

The talented foursome will return to China in April-May 2008 for a full exhibition of The New Grand Tour in Beijing.

The New Grand Tour Project:

with Suitman / José Parlá / Rostarr / Deanne Cheuk

Featuring photography of the tour by Davi Russo and a documentary sneak preview by Mark Foster and Rey Parla.

Exhibition is open to the public with free entry.

From November 3-25, 2007

(11AM to 8PM daily, closed on Mondays)

BRAVE - G/F, Pacific House,
20 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong

More random pictures of The New Grand Tour:

~Agent Intellect~

RoStarr absorbing the scene...

Suitman captures Deanne Cheuk's portrait on a sunny Shangri-La day.

Tibetan monks observe as Jose Parla sketches the scene.

As part of The New Grand Tour Project, Suitman has initiated The Suitchild Adoption & Donation Program.

For a visit to a small town school, Suitman has produced twenty-four classic signature portrait photographs of local school children as a record of the primary school students' experience with the Suitman style.

Each photo print comes with an adoption certificate valued at HKD $12,000 per set to cover each particular student in the photo with necessary school materials for an entire year, as well as school repairs that include: electricity, window insulation, doors to keep out the harsh winter cold, plumbing and furniture.

The adoption certificate and photo prints will be accompanied by a signed limited-edition soft sculpture figure of Suitman as part of the package. Profits from the sales will be delivered directly to the school by Suitman himself.

11"x17" Ink Jet Prints on Archival Paper/100% cotton/40% polyester+60% cotton.

For more information please contact the Suitman.

(To be continued....)

A Special Thank You goes out to the Mayor of Hong Kong, Federico Tan and to Julia Kwan of Bund Film Productions; thank you!

~Photography by Davi Russo~